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CSU 101

All you want to know about CSU auxiliaries you will find within the 2014 CSU 101 Auxiliary presentation.
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Corporate Transparency

To further reinforce the importance of auxiliary organization transparency, the AOA has now developed a "Corporate Transparency Guidelines Matrix (pdf)." The specific purpose of this document is to move member-organizations toward consistent disclosure practices when presenting website corporate information in a way that is both readily accessible and easy to comprehend.
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Auxiliary Services Professional

CASP is a four-year certification for aspiring Auxiliary Services professionals provided by NACAS. The CASP certification proves individuals can be Directors of Auxiliary Services. That they have the skills necessary to succeed in Auxiliary Services. That they are professionals. Like you.
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2015 Conference Presentations

Submitted presentations from the 2015 Annual Conference are available on the program page. Click here to view.

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Business Partners

Through our Business Partner relationships AOA is able to support the annual conference and other activities throughout the year.
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