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Harvey Goodfriend Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

In 2004, the AOA Honorary Lifetime Membership Award was established to recognize individuals who have regularly made an exceptional contribution to AOA. In 2009, the Award was named in memoriam, the AOA Harvey Goodfriend Honorary Lifetime Membership Award. The award is presented to those deserving individuals who may already be retired or are retiring or transferring to another job position within or outside the CSU as of September 1 of the year preceding the annual conference at which the award is given.

Harvey Goodfriend was the consummate, forward-thinking auxiliary organization manager over a 30+ year career at San Diego State University's Aztec Shops. With a small group of other auxiliary managers, he conceived and organized the Association in the early 70s, and served many terms on its governing board. Harvey was the editor of the Association's newsletter for many years, clearly framing issues facing auxiliaries, and he was a stalwart and vocal advocate for them.

2018 Cora Culla
2017 Joan Tyson
2016 Taren Mulhause
2015 Jerry Carmo, Karen Finley
2014 Dan Cornthwaite
2013 No Awards Presented
2012 Richard Jackson, Bill Dickerson
2011 No Awards Presented
2010 Susan Heiser, Marti Gray, Tom McCarron, Earle Bassett
2009 Dennis Hordyk
2008 Mark Bookman
2007 Steve Bloom, Leslie Levinson, Don Shemenske
2006 William Foster
2005 Juanita Brents, Bill Pollock
2004 Harvey Goodfriend, Al Amaral, Robert Griffin, John Francis, Beverly Smith

The John Francis Service Award

In 2012, the John W. Francis Memorial Service Award was established to recognize AOA members for their contributions to AOA outside of the AOA leadership positions. Recipients may include members who regularly serve on AOA committees or an AOA task force, individuals who assist with an aspect of AOA's business for which there is no usual recognition or an individual who has consistently provided outstanding service to AOA.

John W. Francis was the AOA's legal counsel for over a quarter century. He also represented many auxiliary organizations and formed most of them as nonprofit corporations. Campus and system officials, as well as auxiliary managers, called upon John for help with legal and governance issues, and he helped draft much of the law and regulations affecting auxiliary organizations.

2018 Denise Bell
2017 Dustin DeBrum
2016 Judah Rosenwald
2012 David Prenovost
2011 Charlene Minnick
2010 Diana Kinunen